Winning Ways: Blessing the Disciple and the Church

Outreach has to be at the heart of every element of church life; considered in every decision and factored into every plan. Many congregation members feel that the whole aspect of mission is in the hands of the leadership team, when in fact outreach is in the hands of everyone that proclaims to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. This class will help to eliminate the fear that often grips believers and empower them to feel confident in their outreach endeavors.

Instructor: Min. Lee Brent McQueen
Location: Conference Room


A Study in the Book of Romans

All Christians desire to “be right” about their faith. How we live out our faith holds eternal significance. But in order to be right, we must know why we believe in Christ. In this study, you will be able to refresh your own understanding of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church in Rome while allowing the truth to soak into your hearts and mind as you read and understand these essential passages of Scriptures.

Instructor: Deacon Hendri J. Williams
Location: Fellowship Hall


BE Restored
(2 Samuel & 1st Chronicles)

In this study of 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles we will look at God’s passion for restoring lives, relationships and His church.  2 Samuel begins with the death of Saul, Israel’s first king, and ends with the death of David, Israel’s greatest king.  Saul tore things apart, but God used David to start putting things back together again.  
We learn from David that God uses imperfect people to accomplish His purposes, and no personal or national situation is beyond the Lord’s ability to put things right.   God is looking for men and women who will yield to His power and help restore broken lives, homes, churches, cities, and nations.

Instructors: Deacon Darlene Saunders
Location: Trustee Room


Developing a Business Plan for Your Life

Developing a Business Plan for your Life is intended to teach believers how to live intentionally towards the will of God and is based upon the words of Christ as recorded in Luke 2:48-50. Through the ten weeks of this class participants will learn what it means to live “directionally”. Using a basic template for an actual business plan participants will identify both spiritual & practical goals for their lives while developing a strategic plan to meet those goals based upon biblical principles. It is expected that at the conclusion of the ten week class participants will have a completed plan for their personal spiritual growth and discipleship such that they might be more effective in being about their Father’s Business.

Instructors: Pastor Byrd
Location: The Chapel