The Manner of the Church

The purpose of studying 1 & 2 Timothy is to provide a detailed analysis of the appropriate order, structure, and conduct that should be exhibited among the leaders and members of the body of Christ. This includes the need and the proper method of confronting false teaching within the church; the act of consistently protecting public worship; the process and means of selecting church leaders as well as cultivating church leadership; Godly interaction and decorum among leaders and the laity; and providing encouragement and Godly wisdom to one another. Upon completion of this course, the student will recognize that when the church governs itself in such a manner God is pleased and glorified, the church becomes spiritually fortified, fruitful, and blessed of the Lord.

Instructor: Rev. Kendrick Anderson
Location: The Chapel


How Now Shall We Live: The Sermon on the Mount
(Matthew 5:13-7:29)

In February 2017, we completed the module entitled, “The Best Life is the Blessed Life.”  We examined The Beatitudes, which come from the eight opening lines of Jesus’ famous “Sermon on the Mount.” The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12) provide a description of eight character traits or positive attitudes of the truly blessed person. These positive attitudes transform the minds, moods, motivations and manners of Christians.  During this module, we will complete our study of the “The Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 5:13-7:29), as we consider the moral, ethical and spiritual framework it offers for kingdom living. 

Instructor: Dea. Alfonso Campbell, Jr.
Location: Fellowship Hall


Bhe Spirituality and Praying Power of the Psalms

The seasons of our lives change. Using a model of orientation—disorientation—new orientation, we will explore how the genres of the Psalms can be viewed in terms of their function. This results in fresh readings of these ancient songs that illuminate their spiritual depth. The voices of the Psalms come through in all their bold realism.  Using real life situations as well we will see how to pray the Psalms in todays times.

Instructors: Rev. Robert Tolson
Location: Trustee Room


From Membership to Discipleship: A Class for New Members

The class is designed to : 
– provide support and a comfortable learning environment for new disciple so they feel welcomed and loved in their new church home
– provide the foundation for growth from membership to discipleship through the Word of God
– explore the basic doctrine of the Baptist church
– provide an introduction to the history, vision, mission and ministries of Zion Baptist Church as a foundation for ministry membership

Instructors: Rev. Veronica McAlpine -&- Dea. Jean Moody-Williams
Location: Conference Room