From Membership to Discipleship: A Class for New

The class is designed to:
provide support and a comfortable learning environment for new disciple so they feel welcomed and loved in their new church home
provide the foundation for growth from membership to discipleship through the Word of God
explore the basic doctrine of the Baptist church
provide an introduction to the history, vision, mission and ministries of Zion Baptist Church as a foundation for ministry membership

Instructors: Rev. Veronica McAlpine -&- Deacon Jean Moody-Williams
Location: Fellowship Hall


1 and 2 Thessalonians Living the Christian Life

In Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians, even though Paul is sending corrections and instructions like in other letters, he also loves them, is anxiously concerned for their welfare, begs them to stand firm, teaches them, and prays for them constantly like the pastor he is. This study encourages today’s church to focus on both heaven and earth.

Instructor: Min. Angela Ballard
Location: Conference Room


The Theology of DC and Marvel
A Look at Comic Book and Comic Book Movies

Have you grown up loving comic books or the genre of cartoon’s or movies based on the beloved comic books? Well this class will intersect with your love of those mediums and characters along with the bible to explore what these heroes and heroines of the bible have in common. This will weave in theological terms with some scenes from some of the latest blockbuster movies from both DC and Marvel and look at theological themes that transcend the characters and have us examine how they can be found in The Bible.

Instructors: Rev. Robert Tolson
Location: Trustee Room


Journey Through the Book of Judges

Sometimes we turn away from God. We fail to love those around us. We follow the gods of the world. Yet God remains loving and waits for us to return to him. In the book of Judges we see the story of Israel unfold as they follow this cycle. It is our story as well. The study of Judges should help you to hand the throne of your life over to God, the true King. Without God reigning in our hearts, our lives are destined to become as disastrous as the characters of this book.

Instructors: Rev. Kendrick Anderson
Location: Fellowship Hall