Purpose Statement:

As an encouragement ministry of the church, the Mighty Men of Zion (Men’s Ministry) strives to enhance the spiritual and moral welfare of all male members of the church with honor, love, brotherhood, and the fear of God, so they can lead men to Christ. Peter 2:17; Matthew 4:19

2018 Officers:

President – Trustee David J. Saunders
Vice President – Brother Marc D. Clark
Treasurer – Brother Roosevelt Twiggs
Assistant Treasurer – Trustee Leroy Johnson
Corresponding Secretary – Brother Brian J. Saunders
Parliamentarian – Deacon Frank Joe, Jr.
Historian – Deacon James R. Hill, Jr.

How to Become a Member:

How to Become a Member: All males 18 years of age and older are automatically members of the Men’s Ministry. Those that are active come out to the monthly meetings (held on the first Monday after the first Sunday of each month except July and August) as well as participate in other activities/events and support the mission Members of this Ministry. Members usually have the following Spiritual Gifts: Teaching, Administration, Preaching, Serving, Evangelism, Wisdom, Encouraging, and Leadership. While these gifts are essential for an effective member of the Men’s Ministry all gifts may be used for the purpose of Christian education and fellowship.

What To Expect:

The objective and main purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to provide genuine support of the Church’s efforts so that it will be fruitful in carrying out its mission. The Men’s Ministry promotes and supports various activities, events, programs and initiatives supported by Zion Baptist Church and works together for God’s Kingdom on earth.
Over the past one hundred plus years, the Mighty Men of Zion have truly come a long way. While we still focus on building fellowship and leadership amongst the brethren, we are now tasked with even more responsibility to reach-out, contact, and make a positive impact with our Christian brothers and their families and even beyond into our neighborhood. The challenge before us is to continuously relate across inter- generations and be an ongoing blessing to our church family and community. Examples of the Men’s Ministry Activities Include: Sporting Events, Health and Fitness Awareness, Cultural Activities, Charitable Contributions, Community Outreach, Youth Mentoring, Personal Development, Male Christian Fellowship and Men’s Retreat.

Recent Events:

• Good Friday Fish Fry – April 14, 2017 @5:30pm
• CBWCC Senior Luncheon – April 22, 2017 @11:00am
• Mother’s Day Breakfast – May 14, 2017 @8:00am
• Annual Fishing Excursion – June/July
• Annual Washington Nationals Baseball Game – July/August
• Annual Men’s Day Service – December 3, 2017
• Canaan Rites of Passage Program for Youths
• R.E.A.L. Men Programs (Workshops/Seminars)
• Community Outreach Beyond Operation Joy
• Assistance To Members (ATM) Initiative
• Recruitment of younger brothers to become more active within the ministry

Contact Information:

Trustee David J. Saunders, President, davidjsaunders47@gmail.com
Brother Brian J. Saunders, Correspondence Secretary mmozmm@yahoo.com


Men’s Ministry (MMoZ) Annual Report for December 2017

Men’s Ministry Health Awareness Breakfast Program on Saturday, December 9, 2017