Human Needs

Purpose Statement:

Our purpose is to involve all organizations and members of the church to identify families in the community with specific needs, persons and families in temporary crisis situations – anything that causes human suffering, and to financially assist charitable organizations that provide other legal and social services.

What to Expect:  In an atmosphere of dignity and respect, comprehensive services for temporary crisis situations are available to vulnerable families in need, including food and clothing gift cards and other social services. The volunteers and Board members demonstrate unity of mission, demonstrating respect for human life in every stage of existence wherever and whatever they may be – whether among the members of the church, but primarily in the outreach community.

Human Needs is Zion’s major source of financial outreach; therefore;   we recognize that all people share a common humanity, and that we are responsible to ourselves and to society as a whole.

Upcoming Events:
The remaining lists of events include the following:

  1. Provide resource assistance (Allocated Funds) to outreach families in the form of food/clothing gift cards distributed by mail 4 times per year: Easter, August, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
  2. Schedule seasonal clothing drives and school supplies collections:
    March 11 (Men/Women’s Clothing),
    June 3, August 5 – 12 (School Supplies),
    October 15 (Coats, Blankets, Winter Wear for the Homeless).
    LOCATION: Education Auditorium

Contact Information:
Barbara E. Flowers, Chair
(H) 202-829-2468
(FAX) 202-829-1773