At the Zion Baptist Church Semi-Annual Meeting held on Friday, June 19th 2015 the approval to
proceed with standing-up Zion Community Enterprise (ZCE) and the selection of an initial
governing board of directors was approved with an overwhelming majority. The establishment
of Zion Community Enterprise was based on the recommendation of an Advisory Committee
appointed by Pastor Byrd and the Board of Trustees that was charged with determining the way
forward after the dissolution of the Board of Directors of Zion Baptist Enterprise (ZBE).

Zion Community Enterprise’s motto is “Healthy Families Make Healthy Communities”. The rationale
for creating Zion Community Enterprise is to establish a community development corporation
with a 501(c)3 designation that will allow for the promotion of healthy communities in the
Washington Metropolitan Area by providing critical support to families in crisis.

This mission of Zion Community Enterprise will be accomplished through encouraging and
empowering families in the Washington Metropolitan Area through training, advocacy, crisis
intervention, temporary housing opportunities and other community engagement programming
specifically designed to foster healthy families. The mission of Zion Community Enterprise will
therefore encompass the following core principles:

a. To provide quality day care for seniors and respite care opportunities for families caring for
elderly family members;

b. To promote and provide affordable housing including multi-family housing units and
temporary housing for families in transition;

c. To advocate and promote programs and create environments that are conducive to healthy
families; and

d. To provide quality training and educational resources such as parenting skills, computer and
financial literacy job training, employment and entrepreneurial development.

The initial Governing Board of Directors of Zion Community Enterprise that was chosen by Zion
Baptist Church for a three-year term is as follows: Deacon Rohan Williamson (Chair), Trustee
Emeritus Sharlyn Grigsby-Queen (Vice Chair), Sister Kim Ford (Treasurer), Brother Damarr Butler
(Secretary), Deacon Emeritus Darryl Fraser, Trustee Elaine Johnson, and Trustee David J.
Saunders. The Governing Board of Directors will be charged with implementing a three-year
strategic plan for Zion Community Enterprise and will provide an annual report of their progress
to the members of Zion Baptist Church (i.e. – ZCE stakeholders) detailing the status of ongoing
activities and programs.

Zion Community Enterprise Powerpoint Presentation