About Zion Baptist Church


Since 1864, we have been empowered by the love of Christ to serve God’s people. We are a family of believers, inspired by God and fueled by faith. For over 150 years, our church has seen God do things that only He can do – broken hearts have been made whole, communities have been transformed, families have been restored, and lives have changed through the love of God.

Our Mission

Zion Baptist Church Shall Enlist Sinners, Educate Students, Empower the Suffering, Encourage the Saints, and Exalt Our Savior.
(Acts 2:41-47)

The Story of Zion Baptist Church

Since its inception, Zion Baptist Church has been dedicated to following God.
The church began in 1861 with a handful of loyal baptized believers. These believers trusted God’s plan as they moved from Fredericksburg, Virginia to Washington, DC to lay the groundwork for our future. In 1864, Zion grew from an empowering Sunday school, into a community-driven church. Since then, our faith has consistently grown to love God more than anything, and to serve Him by loving others. Since 1864 and through the leadership of eight other gifted pastors, Zion has been steadfast in service to God and His community; we are encouraged and thankful for God's grace and faithfulness to us and for the visionary humanitarian, Reverend Dr. Keith W. Byrd, Sr., whom He sent as our ninth pastor in January 2006.